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January 19, 2020    

Located in Bergen County, New Jersey, the Law Firm of COLIN M. QUINN provides full service legal representation for employees and job applicants in all employment related matters; including claims for race discrimination, ethnic discrimination, gender discrimination, age discrimination, handicap discrimination, sexual harassment claims, hostile work environment charges, whistleblower protection, employer retaliation, employee legal rights, employment law, employee rights, wage and hour claims and all related charges.

Our attorneys have successfully represented employees throughout New Jersey and New York who have been victims of unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, hostile work environments and retaliation in the workplace. Our firm is dedicated to eliminating discrimination, harassment and employer retaliation against employees in the work environment. We specialize in employment law, and understanding your employee legal rights at work is the first step to a workplace free of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.

If you believe your employer has engaged in discrimination based on your age, race, sex, sexual orientation, handicap, pregnancy, religion, ancestry, military service or national origin and would like to discuss your employee legal rights, or if you believe you were wrongfully terminated or the subject of unlawful harassment, contact us for a free initial consultation to discuss your employee legal rights / employee rights.